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Dreams about Trump, Biden, Obama, 666, China, and multitudes of dead people
Dreams about Trump, Biden, Obama, 666, China, and multitudes of dead people

I’d like to share my dreams about Donald Trump, Joe Biden, Barack Obama, the number 666, China, and a multitude of dead people. Most of these dreams occurred in 2021 and were about current global politics, the AntiChrist’s spirit, global unrest, and persecution of believers. I’m not making any claims. I simply believe the Lord wants me to share this. These, I believe, were given to encourage, prepare, and keep us vigilant. In prayer, I propose that we test the spirit and seek confirmation from the Lord Jesus Christ.

Dreams about Trump

    I had an unusual dream in June 2021. I saw myself in front of the United States Capitol. I was constantly running around it. “45 is coming! 45 is coming!” I exclaimed (in Filipino, “nandyan na si 45! nandyan na si 45!”). I screamed loudly as I ran around the Capitol non-stop. I saw some politicians in the capitol who appeared to be terrified. It was an indication that Trump was coming back in power. The one legitimate president. Among all the politicians, I noticed Joe Biden, who had his mouth open while gazing up at the sky. Back then, I got the impression that Biden didn’t understand what was going on.
    In June 2022, I had yet another dream about Donald Trump. I was back at the United States Capitol. In contrast, I was merely a bystander. I noticed military personnel descending the Capitol. It didn’t indicate if they were marines, navy seals, or special forces. They simply appeared to be military combatants bent to assist Trump. They did descend via helicopters using fast-ropes to overtake the US Capitol. The goal of this endeavor was to bring back Donald Trump to power.

Dream about Obama

    In August 2021, I had another strange dream. I noticed Barack Obama in a room. He met with family friends, a man and a woman. It was not revealed who these people were in the dream, but they had children whom Obama met. And in that dream, Barack ate his friends’ two children (a boy and a girl), indicating in my dream that this man possesses the spirit of the AntiChrist. It was not revealed whether he was the AntiChrist, but he does have the spirit of one.

Dream about 666, AntiChrist worship, and China rising in power

    In June 2021, I saw myself in a prison with my family, I believe other believers were imprisoned as well. However, I found myself floating on air, sort of free. I had the impression that I could easily enter and exit the jail cell (like supernatural teleportation, like a spirit). I then noticed a multitude of people (unbelievers) outside the cells looking up at the sky. They were gazing upwards while holding a piece of paper and singing a worship song. This piece of paper featured a song with the number 666 on it’s title. It was a hymn of praise to the AntiChrist. The sky was red at the time.
    In a subsequent dream, I saw chaos in the streets, and the sky was also red. I had the impression that China was ruling the nations at the time. It was not stated whether China will rule when the AntiChrist arrives, or if it will rule the entire world or will be a regional (imperial) power.

Dream about multitudes of dead people

    In August 2022, I had a dream in which I met two of my former coworkers from a Big Tech company. It was foreshadowed in that dream that it would be the last time I saw them. Then I saw myself walking through a commuter area to a train station. Instead of waiting in line to board a train, I went inside what appeared to be a station office. Inside, I saw some demonic spirits dancing. I ignored them and boarded an elevator that took me up to a road above the station. As I walked along the side of the road (gutter area), I noticed a multitude of people lying on top of one another. They were all discolored, almost yellowish (blood-drained), and had open mouths. They were all dead. They all had a large hole in the center of their foreheads. I didn’t know if they were in the thousands or millions, but I couldn’t count them. It was not specified how they died (natural, plague or something else).

Dream about run-in with gigantic monsters

    I also had another dream in June 2021. I saw myself running in this dream. As I ran, I noticed that I was running parallel to what appeared to be gigantic monstrous creatures. They appeared to be massive and powerful. They were bumping into me and sort of crashing into me as we ran together. They were deliberately attempting to attack me as I ran. I saw myself nearly fallen at times, but I kept staying upwards. I was a little hurt, but not so badly that I couldn’t keep running. I sustained some bruises and bumps, but I persisted. I ran without pausing.

Dream about a vaccine

    My last dream from June 2021 was about a vaccine. You probably know which one I’m referring to. To put this in context, I felt compelled to get the vaccine during the height of the pandemic scare in 2021. The restrictions and lockdowns were affecting my family, so we decided to get it, but first I prayed to the Lord. I sought the Lord’s guidance on whether we should pursue. In the early morning hours before I awoke, God revealed to me in a dream that my body is the “temple of God.” I awoke confused and surprised, but this dream convinced me that I should avoid the vaccine at all costs. I then decided to conduct research on my own. Since early 2021, I have written several articles, and held numerous online live conferences to inform people about the vaccine’s realities, expose its connection to the WEF’s evil plans, the Great Reset of 2030, and the need to return to Jesus Christ.
To be clear, I was not a Trump supporter. I preferred Obama. However, the late prophet Kim Clement changed my mind and heart when I saw his predictions about Trump before he was elected to his first term as President of the United States. My dreams also strengthened my conviction in who God has anointed as His leader in His covenant nation of America. It also spurred me to learn more about Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, Hillary Clinton, Klaus Schwab, and Barack Obama’s antics. If anyone is curious, I have never visited the United States.

As previously stated, I make no claims regarding my dreams. I believe that God desires to inform the people (particularly believers) about what is happening in our generation. Even in the face of overwhelming evil in the world, Jesus Christ wants that every soul turn to Him and trust in His saving grace and almighty power. Submit these dreams to the Lord in prayer, as well as pray for watchmen like us who are raising God’s banner in these difficult times.  The task is tough, but we will follow God’s leading.

The eleventh hour is upon us, and God is assembling an army to combat the onslaught of evil in this generation. Satan is terrified, knowing that his time is approaching and that hell will not prevail against the body of Christ. It is time to end legalism and division and not limit the power of the Holy Spirit. This revival is unstoppable. The great harvest is approaching, and the Devil will do everything he can to prevent it. In the end, no one can stand against God’s will. Remember, victory is God’s! Every knee will be bowed, and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is the Lord of all.
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