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Cyber Polygon – the new Great Reset weapon
Cyber Polygon - the new Great Reset weapon

Cyber Polygon – the new Great Reset weapon

Solar Storms from Coronal Mass Ejections (CME) could be used as a mind conditioning scapegoat for the planned sabotage to cause massive power blackout, internet outage, and services breakdown worldwide. 

World Economic Forum (WEF) simulated a cyber attack defense strategy to combat a supposed global cyber hack on July 2021 that could cripple the globe’s electricity, internet, and services. They dubbed it as “the cyber-pandemic of Covid-19 proportions”. As we all know by now, back in October 2018, WEF simulated a global strategy to fight a coronavirus-like pandemic. You know what happened afterward.

This simulation was termed “Cyber Polygon 2021”. This agenda is still part of the World Economic Forum’s planned operations that include “Event 201” (the Coronavirus simulation of October 2018), the “Great Reset” (the One Government plan of no privacy/no property society, one-world currency), and the “Global Redesign Initiative” (the plan to reshape governance over the world).

As we observed from June to September of 2021, there was an increase in news updates that pertained to Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs) topics. These media articles all point to the possibility of a solar storm that could surpass the tragedy of 1859. They mentioned that these CMEs can disrupt and terminate the globe’s electricity, cause internet outages, and severe online transactions, banking and other vital services.

We basically call this media foreshadowing. They are fear-mongering to condition the minds of the people when and if the massive cyber-attack commences.

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