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Donald Trump and the Herbrides Revival connection
Donald Trump and the Herbrides Revival connection

Today, we’ll tell you about Donald Trump and his link to the 1940s Herbrides Revival. Why we believe God has prepared him for the highest position in the world through his Christian heritage, prayerful mother, and bloodline.

The 1940s saw the historic spiritual display known as the Herbrides Revival that shook Scotland’s tiny island of Lewis. This spiritual boom had an impact that is still felt today and was reminiscent to the 1900s’ renowned Azusa Street Revival.

Christine and Peggy Smith, two elderly sisters who fervently prayed for a revival, were the intercessors behind it. Peggy was blind, and Christine had a debilitating back condition. Their prayers were heard by God, and four years in a row, Herbrides saw a powerful revival.

During this time, the Holy Spirit’s move was so powerful that it resulted in countless conversions. Not only in churches, but also in homes and even when out on the streets, people were converted without anyone sharing the gospel! There were reports of houses shaking (like in an earthquake) after prayer and worship, and of folks seeing lights guiding them home through the dark pathways.

The two elder sisters and the Bible used during the revival were Herbrides’ connections to Trump. Mary Anne MacLeod, Donald’s mother, was related to Peggy and Christine since she was their niece. She also took part in the revival. That Bible was given to Mary Anne by the Smith sisters. Later, Trump would often mention the book his mother had given him when he attended Sunday school at New York’s First Presbyterian Church.

Why is this important? We believe that God is not a God of coincidence. God is an intentional God. He won’t give any room for error or leave things up to chance. Make no mistake; God is always and forever in control of everything. In this generation where wickedness is so prevalent, we think God is providing us with a window to take advantage of.

To say the least, the World Economic Forum’s (New World Order) strategic gains in controlling this generation are alarming. The plot to rule the globe by establishing the “Beast System” through the “Great Reset of 2030” is short of unstoppable. They cannot, however, stop God. He can utilize any flawed but God-fearing men to stem the flow of evil in this generation. We think He has placed Trump in this position for His own special purpose. We all know that Trump has been on the NWO’s bad side, and he’s been labeled as an anti-globalist, which the elitist WEF despises.

During his first presidency, he brought this Bible inside the Oval Office of the White House. What an unexpected turn of events!

And don’t forget that Israel, through Yair and Benjamin Netanyahu, once referred to Trump as its “bestfriend” and compared him to King Cyrus. This follows the latter’s relocation of the US embassy to Jerusalem and his recognition of Jerusalem and the Golan Heights as part of Israel in 2017 and 2019.

We see God’s hand at work in restoring righteousness to American leadership. It’s as if God was spreading seeds of reversal in America through a man who freely professed his faith in Christ, supported and blessed Israel, and carried a Bible from a big and historic revival with him! Although the Holy Spirit does not need anyone, He can make use of anyone. Throughout history, God has used Nebuchadnezzar, Astaxerxes, and Cyrus to glorify His name.

Note: We first heard this connection story of Herbrides to Trump from Christian Pastor Dr. Clarence Sexton in one of his Sunday sermons.

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