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Barack Obama – the Shadow President?

Barack Obama – the Shadow President?

Prayers for Afghanistan and its gallant people. The injustice that innocent Afghan people endured for decades is now being replayed before our very eyes. The Taliban is emboldened, and they are back to wreak havoc.

The world is blaming Joe Biden for the looming tragedy in Afghanistan. Let’s admit it, Biden is in pronounced cognitive decline. He is just reading what he sees in the teleprompter. He mutters what he is told via the earpiece. He barely knows the place he’s in. Someone is leading the leftist charge from the shadows.

An obscured figure masterminded the Taliban’s comeback to power from a decade ago. Remember, this invasion took months, and it showed that the Taliban were well-equipped and well-trained. Under Biden, the US exited hastily and did not employ strategic withdrawal. This led to the Afghan government abandoning the nation, and multitudes of Americans and Afghan civilians trapped in the crossfire. The question is why? How can a superpower become powerless against a disorganized militia? Who engineered this deliberate abandonment of US soldiers and Afghan citizens? This was no ordinary exit, Afghanistan was simply handed-over to the Taliban. Despite all the sacrifices of American soldiers, this shameful retreat was a free gift courtesy of one charismatic former leader.

Enter Barack Obama.

Ironically, as a former US president, he aspires for the humiliation of America. He wishes the US to pay for its sins. He is an undeclared communist. His mentor is the great communist Saul Alinksy. His main influence was his friend, Frank Marshall Davis, an activist and closet communist of a party subservient to the former Soviet Union. You can learn more about this from his book “Dreams of my Father”. He was trained in Chicago as a community organizer by the commie disciples of Alinsky in the 1980s. Obama is also the leader of the OFA (Organizing For Action), an agitator Maoist-like movement that organizes left-wing riots. The OFA has authored most of the recent riots and conflagration in the United States together with Antifa.

What is the connection between Obama and the Taliban? The answer is Khairullah Khairkhwa.

Khairkhwa is the associate of fellow terrorist Osama Bin Laden charged for the 9/11 terror attacks. In 2014, Barack freed him from Guantanamo prison together with four Taliban commanders in exchange for an American traitor, Robert Bergdahl. Khairkhwa engineered the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan that is now flashed in news headlines this 2021.

This is shaping to be ISIS 2.0 refined edition. Obama is not finished with his failed project in Iraq and Syria, he wants it replicated in Afghanistan. New wars will fund the military complex of the US, as well the possibility of new terror attacks against the US.

Wherever Obama was present, there was chaos. He drained US coffers by sending money all over the world in the guise of the “Global Poverty Act”. He did not react to the Benghazi terror attacks. He engineered ISIS. He abandoned Israel multiple times. He yielded to a nuclear-hungry Iran. He empowered CCP China by shipping major American jobs and companies to the eastern war machine. This economic boom fueled the modernization of China’s military and its rise to superpower status. He tolerated Russia who invaded Crimea. He also abandoned their US ally the Philippines, when CCP China militarized the South China Sea. Lastly, Obama encouraged Russian espionage activities when he allowed Russian military exercises within US soil in 2012.

And Afghanistan is just another project for Barry Soetero or the man more commonly known as Barack Hussein Obama.

What are the implications of this on the world stage? When there’s blood in the waters, sharks will surely come. A weakened America led by a senile Joe Biden just gave Russia, China, and Iran the obvious sign. They are now free to create chaos. And as a weakling, Joe cannot lead America effectively if there will be another war. We may probably see attacks in the Middle East (particularly Israel), Taiwan, West Philippine Sea territories, Black Sea territories, and even in America itself.

“I’m the author of all your pain.” James Bond nemesis Biofeld (played by Christoph Waltz) snidely remarked in the film Spectre.
We must know who is leading all this chaos. Biden is already in advanced decline, and someone is leading him in his incapacity. And that someone may just be the guy that we’re not looking at.
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