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Israel is forever: a divine promise

Israel is forever: a divine promise.

Attacks and propaganda cannot deny the truth that Israel is the chosen nation of the Lord. During these trying times, we support Israel and condemn all acts of terrorism and bloodshed committed by organizations like Hamas. We also pray for the protection of innocent civilians on all sides.

Throughout history, from the Pharaoh of Egypt to Haman of Persia, the Roman Empire, and the Third Reich, attempts to annihilate the Jews have always failed. Why? Because Israel is God’s nation, as the Bible attests. Psalm 121:4 assures us, “He who keeps Israel neither slumbers nor sleeps.” Zechariah 2:5,11 reinforces this, stating that God is a protective wall around Israel, and anyone who touches Israel touches the apple of His eye.

The Lord’s promise to Abraham in establishing an everlasting covenant with his descendants echoes in our hearts. In Jeremiah 31:35ā€“36, God affirms that as long as the sun, moon, and stars endure, so will Israel. God’s word assures us of Israel’s eternal existence.

In conclusion, Israel’s enduring resilience is a testament to God’s faithfulness and the gravity of His promises. When God Himself declares something to us, there can be no doubt about its’ authenticity: Israel is forever.

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