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Build Back Better – the Great Reset agenda
Build Back Better - the Great Reset agenda

Build Back Better – the Great Reset agenda

The “Great Reset”.

One currency. Mass surveillance. No privacy. Universal Digital ID. Controlled Media. One World Government.

Inform yourself of the global agendas hatched by the WEF, IMF, and UN. The World Economic Forum desires to remove every right that you have. Do your own research. Don’t trust paid fact-checkers. And may the Lord guide you in this hour.

If this is the first time you’re reading this, the World Economic Forum creates simulations to combat any perceived threats to global survival. Curiously, their simulations become reality after the planning stages. The “Great Reset“, as it’s popularly known, also goes by the names such as the “Fourth Industrial Revolution“, “Build Back Better“, or “UN Agenda 2030″.

Check out the following WEF simulations below:

EVENT 201 – Progress: Accomplished

• Simulation of a coronavirus-like epidemic that detailed the origin of the virus, community transmission, pandemic response, media handling and scenario initiated by WEF and Bill Gates Foundation on October 2018.

GREAT RESET – Progress: Processing

• Plan of global one-world government, one currency, no privacy/no personal property society hatched on June 2020 in response to the Covid-19 pandemic in the name of climate change and equality.

CYBER POLYGON – Progress: For Execution

• Hacking simulation on July 2021 to combat a cyberattack on the power grid, communication, transportation, companies, banks, and the internet. Total blackout of all services. Dubbed the “cyber-pandemic of Covid-19 proportions”.

GLOBAL REDESIGN – Progress: Planning Stage

• Simulation to redesign global governance to control WEF’s perceived threats and risks.

For a more detailed study on the “Great Reset”, you can check the article “Beware and be aware of the Great Reset“, which we recently published.

Build Back Better - the Great Reset agenda
Build Back Better - the Great Reset agenda
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