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Mainstream Media cannot decide US Presidency

Shame to the US mainstream media (MSM) for prematurely claiming the presidency of the United States of America for Joe Biden, and acting as if they have legal authority to do so under the US constitution. Only the electoral college themselves can issue a “certificate of ascertainment” to determine the winner (then send them to Archivist, the President of the Senate and more down the line). 

With recounts and disputes of electoral fraud ongoing in key battleground states, the process to declare a winner will take longer than usual. Donald Trump and his campaign have the legal right to dispute poll fraud up until December 8, 2020 as the Electoral College convenes to certify the vote on December 14th. Until then, “Decision Desks”, and MSM hacks like Reuters, AP, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, Fox News, and ABC (in concert with the Democrats) should stop manipulating public opinion to set-up a narrative that Joe Biden is the President-elect. 

This goes the same for Big Tech who wantonly act like dictators by censoring legitimate social media reports (like silencing the report on Hunter Biden’s corruption). These biased private entities must be held accountable for election interference. As an alternative, non-corrupt media outlets that you can watch include OAN, Newsmax TV, Rightside Broadcasting Network, BlazeTV, NTD, Sky News Australia, America Uncovered, Next News Network, Liberal Hivemind, Huckabee, The Ben Shapiro Show, Project Veritas, and Zooming in with Simone Gao.

Whoever wins the US Presidential election should be accepted by the greater public, not on the merits of media’s hate or bias, but by the undeniable will of the American people. This also means validating and counting only the legal votes.

As famously quoted, “Vox Populi, Vox Dei” – the voice of the People is the voice of God. The question we should ask: are the Democrats and the mainstream media peddling a voice different from the one communicated by the American people?

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