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Beware and be aware of the Great Reset
Beware and be aware of the Great Reset
Beware and be aware of the Great Reset
Beware and be aware of the Great Reset
Beware and be aware of the Great Reset

WEF (World Economic Forum) is a shady global NGO that believes in a globalized world that must be governed by multinational corporations (Big Tech), the global elite, governments, and select civil society organizations. They plan to enact their agenda with initiatives like the “Great Reset“, “Event 201“, “Cyber Polygon“, and the “Global Redesign“. They develop simulations to combat perceived global threats, curiously, these threats become reality just after they simulate them.

The most prominent “Great Reset” meeting held in Davos Switzerland (June 2020) comprised of global elites, select nation leaders, big tech CEOs, top 1,000 corporations, civic groups, mainstream media, and influencers. The attendees, partners, and supporters included Prince Charles, Xi Jinping, Klaus Schwab, John Kerry, Justin Trudeau, Joe Biden, Bill Gates, Greta Thunberg, George Soros, Adhanom Tedros, and Pope Francis, among others. Known corporations were composed of notable companies and organizations such as United Nations, IMF, World Bank, Bank of America, MasterCard, Wells Fargo, Goldman Sachs, ChinaBank, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, Google, IBM, IKEA, Lockheed Martin, Time Magazine, Ericsson, JP Morgan Chase, and Deloitte among others. As we have written in a previous article, Time Magazine also partnered with WEF and published a series of articles entitled “The Great Reset: How to Build a Better World Post-COVID-19″.

The name we all know by now is “The Great Reset“, but they also call this the “Fourth Industrial Revolution” or “Build Back Better” or “UN Agenda 2030″. You’ll normally see politicians worldwide mentioning their desire to “Build Back Better” their nation after the Covid-19 pandemic. Build back better sounds great, but the agenda behind it – as they casually mentioned in the WEF website, appears terribly ominous. Also, notice their play on words – 6uild 6ack 6etter. Yep, just like the “Beast System“.

The goal of this group accomplishes most of the apocalyptic prophecies in the Bible. The brainchild of German Klaus Schwab (Chairman of the WEF), “The Great Reset” features a plan of global one-world government in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Goals include global ideological change from democracy to socialism, removal of national borders, mass surveillance and tracking via digital unique ID, one currency, centralized housing, removal of privacy, the police state, climate change initiatives, conservation of resources, and racial equality among others.

This program entails a transformation of society that enforces permanent restrictions on fundamental freedoms and implementation of mass surveillance. They envisioned a utopia where global elites will lead like big pharma corporations, high-tech/big data giants, major global chains, the digital payments sector, healthcare companies, and others.

The program is being executed under the guise of a Fourth Industrial Revolution in which older enterprises are to be driven to bankruptcy or absorbed into monopolies, effectively removing huge sections of the pre-pandemic economy. Economies are going to be restructured. There will be a large amount of unemployment as most jobs will be replaced by AI-driven machines. Talk about mechanized dystopia.

All transactions will be made online, thereby there will be no more privacy as your every action and purchase will be monitored through your digital ID.

The jobless (and there will be many) could be placed on some kind of universal basic income and have their debts (indebtedness and bankruptcy on a massive scale is the deliberate result of lockdowns and restrictions) written off in return for handing their assets to the state or more precisely the financial institutions helping to drive this great reset. The WEF says the public will ‘rent’ everything they require: stripping the right of ownership under the guise of ‘sustainable consumption and ‘saving the planet’. Of course, the tiny elite who rolled out this great reset will own everything.” as per WEF’s YouTube video (Dystopian “Great Reset”: “Own Nothing and Be Happy”, Being Human in 2030).

This is basically the most sophisticated operation of social engineering ever made on humanity. In reality, the goal is to create a single global oligarchy under an idealistic socialist one-world government. In this utopian Great Reset: you will own nothing, everything will be a service that you must ask from the state, and if the state decides to give it to you, then you may receive it.

Other agendas that WEF members pursued and are currently pursuing:

Event 201

  • In October 2019, before the outbreak of the pandemic, a series of role-playing simulations of a destructive corona pandemic was war-gamed by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the World Economic Forum, and Johns Hopkins University.
  • Event 201 simulated how the global populace would react if a corona-like virus epidemic affected the entire planet. Less than six months later, we all know how WHO (World Health Organization) confirmed that COVID-19 became a pandemic.
  • The simulation imagined an outbreak of a novel (supposedly unique) zoonotic coronavirus that transmitted from bats to pigs to humans. It later became highly transmissible from person to person, leading to a sinister pandemic. The pathogen and the disease were modeled largely on the SARS virus, but they theorized that it would be more infectious in the community setting on people with mild symptoms.
  • The virtual plague started in boar farms in Brazil, quietly and slowly at first, but then it began to spread more rapidly in hospitals. When it started to spread efficiently from person to person in the low-income, densely packed communities of the megacities in South America, the epidemic became uncontrollable. It first came by air travel to Portugal, the US, to China, and then to many other nations. Although at first select nations can manage it, it continued to spread and would be reintroduced (variants?), and eventually, no country can maintain control.
  • Now you do the math. What do you think of this simulation?

Cyber Polygon 2021

  • Cyber Polygon was a hacking simulation initiated on July 2021 to combat a cyberattack on the power grid, communication, transportation, companies, banks, and the internet. Call it the power button of all services. It was dubbed the “cyber-pandemic of Covid-19 proportions”.
  • As per WEF’s website, Cyber Polygon is a unique cybersecurity event that combines the world’s largest technical training exercise for corporate teams and an online conference featuring senior officials from international organizations and leading corporations.
  • As noted by their official page, “The central theme of the event was a ‘digital pandemic.” Does that theme ring any bell?
  • Cyber Polygon’s 2020 live stream included global leaders and experts, such as Mikhail Mishustin, Prime Minister of the Russia, and Klaus Schwab, Chairman of World Economic Forum, as well as top officials from INTERPOL, ICANN, Visa, IBM, Sberbank, MTS and other organizations.
  • Videos streamed by the World Economic Forum set alarm bells for thinking people worldwide. One of the released videos stated that a cyber attack could be 10x more prevalent than what we’ve experienced with Covid-19. WEF’s video streamer stated, “Fortunately, at least until now, cyber-attacks have not impacted our health the way pandemics have. At least until now.
  • WEF also mentioned that with the digitalization trends largely spurred by the COVID-19 crisis, “a single vulnerable link is enough to bring down the entire system, just like the domino effect.” They also added, “The only way to stop the exponential propagation of a COVID-like cyber threat is to fully disconnect the millions of vulnerable devices from one another and the internet.
  • In the same event, WEF’s chairman Klaus Schwab mentioned, “We all know, but still pay insufficient attention to, the frightening scenario of a comprehensive cyberattack, which would bring a complete halt to the power supply, transportation, hospital services, our society as a whole.” Lastly, WEF’s Jeremy Jurgens stated, “I would anticipate that when we do see this next crisis, it will be faster than what we’ve seen with COVID, the exponential growth rate will be much steeper, the impact will be greater, and as a result, the economic and social implications will be even more significant.
  • Cyber Polygon’s goals call for greater consolidation and centralization of power between corporations and states, to censor fake news, disinformation, and misinformation, and the adoption of digital identity schemes.

Special Drawing Rights (SDR)

  • The SDR is an international reserve asset created by the IMF to supplement the official reserves of its member countries. SDR is tied up to the plans of the WEF. They claim that SDR is not a currency. Given the WEF’s plans, the SDRs will provide a member nation with liquidity.
  • A basket of fiat currencies defines the SDR: the US dollar, Euro, Chinese Yuan, Japanese Yen, and the British Pound. It’s like your virtual stable coin, but it has been used for the WEF’s planned “Global Reset”. It’s a one-world currency (more of proto-global money) for governments, but the regular populace cannot use it.
  • The International Monetary Fund, with the help of the Biden administration, will issue 1 Trillion USD worth of SDRs. This program will replace the U.S. dollar as the global reserve currency. They plan to redistribute America’s remaining wealth to foreigners and Third World countries. This plays well with the “Great Reset” agenda. This plan will transform the world as we know it. The US will no longer be a super power. A new world order will rise. Covid-19 was merely a ruse.
Given the connection of WEF to the socialist movement of the USA, you will notice that they deliberately employ these tactics:

WEF’s sinister weapons

  • Fear
  • Panic
  • Deception
  • Disinformation
  • Biased Fact-checks
  • Divide and Conquer
  • Hatred
  • Fake News
  • Control of Public Opinion
  • Free assistance to Governments
We are compelled to expose the inner workings of this group. You can believe what you wish to believe, but please, do your research. Test the spirits. As was written in the Bible, “Take no part in the worthless deeds of evil and darkness; instead, expose them.” – Ephesians 5:11 NLT
Note: I made the first photo on Global Reset. The second and third photos (WEF tweet and Great Reset Pie Chart) are from the (WEF) World Economic Fund’s Twitter page and official page. The fourth photo is a screenshot of (IMF) International Monetary Fund’s official website. The fifth comes straight from the Time Magazine cover. The last one is a collated screengrab of global leaders declaring support for the Build Back Better slogan of the World Economic Forum.
Beware and be aware of the Great Reset
Beware and be aware of the Great Reset
Beware and be aware of the Great Reset
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