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Exposing Wuhan Lab and the Covid-19 cover-up
Exposing Wuhan Lab and the Covid-19 cover-up

Exposing Wuhan Lab and the Covid-19 cover-up

Back in February 2021, we wrote an investigative article to expose the possible cover-up of COVID-19’s Wuhan Lab origin.

From 2020 to 2021, American leftists, scientists, mainstream media, Big Tech (e.g. Twitter and Facebook), and paid fact-checkers collaborated to condemn the Wuhan Lab origin theory as well as cancel anyone who expressed opposition to their virus origin claims. Big Tech ganged up on writers and posters by deleting posts, threatening account suspensions, and limiting user’s ability to post and air opposition to the origins of Covid-19.

This time around, these same folks are changing tune. Previously, they labeled any other origin discussions as racist. Now they are removing their erroneous and extremely biased fact-checks. Now they say they believe that there is emerging evidence to the connection between Wuhan Lab and the COVID-19 outbreak. This, after repeatedly accusing alternate origin theory proponents of racism since last year.

Also, Joe Biden and his team removed entries of the US State Department intel factsheet (about the Wuhan Covid-19 origin) from their website upon assuming power. We managed to get a hold of an archived copy of the page intel via Wayback Machine.

Measures could have been made if the world was made aware earlier that a biological weapon was wreaking havoc in Wuhan. Instead, friends, relatives, and the global populace suffered the consequences of this massive cover-up.

? The Five Eyes dossier, Fauci emails, US State Department intel, and Dr. Li Meng Yan’s revelations point to the Wuhan Lab connection and the massive cover-up. The following people should be investigated as to their participation in this cover-up:
 ?? CCP (Chinese Communist Party)
    • According to a Five Eyes dossier (espionage alliance between US, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand), the CCP lied about Covid transmission, kidnapped whistleblowers, and denied access to virus samples to scientists who could have helped develop a vaccine. The report stated that CCP hushed information on asymptomatic carriers and controlled search engine results in December 2019 to stop people from knowing about the virus. As per the dossier, Wuhan Lab scientists researched bat-related viruses (CCP government-funded operation since 2012) that had a 96% genetic match to Covid-19 in early 2013 and found that they can be transmitted to humans by 2015. Officials in Taiwan began raising concern about the virus in December 2019, while scientists in Hong Kong exposed the outbreak beginning on January 4, 2020. However, CCP denied back then that it was human-transmissible, and misled WHO until they were cornered to admit the outbreak on January 20, 2020.
?? Xi Jinping
    • The CCP General Secretary issued a private command to quell Covid-19 spread on January 7 in Wuhan, during a meeting of the nation’s Politburo Standing Committee. CCP only acknowledged the existence of the disease publicly on January 20, 2020. They later issued a travel ban (in and out of Wuhan) on the 23rd of January. The cover-up was made weeks before the public announcement and travel restriction, by that time, thousands were infected around the city, the nation, and overseas.
?? Shi Zhengli
    • Known as the “BatWoman” who spearheaded the research of Coronaviruses in the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV). She is the premier expert in the study of SARS-like coronaviruses. According to Chinese journalist Gao Yu, Shi and her team’s work indicated the SARS-CoV-2 virus was linked to horseshoe bats from Yunnan.
?? Dr. Anthony Fauci
    • Heads the National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID). His department funneled funding to the EHA charity of Peter Daszak for the research of the “Gain of Function” (enhanced Coronaviruses research on transmission from animals to humans). Donald Trump, (upon Wuhan Virus origin investigation in April 2020) ordered a halt to NIAID’s funding grant to EHA. Dr. Fauci nevertheless continued to send 7.5 Million USD to EHA while the COVID-19 outbreak was in full swing.
?? Dr. Peter Daszak
    • Founded EcoHealth Alliance (EHA) charity that funded Wuhan Lab research on bats and coronaviruses since 2017. Dr. Daszak received funding of 39 Million USD from the Pentagon for his charity. He then diverted these funds to Wuhan Lab. He led a collaborated effort since 2020 to dismiss theories connecting Wuhan Lab to Covid-19. His opinion on the medical journal “The Lancet” was the main basis for discrediting all reports of lab-leak theories. EHA charity was used to research “Gain of Function”. In a video, he also boasted of manipulating Coronaviruses at Wuhan Lab in 2019. He also worked closely with Dr. Shi Zhengli. Lastly, Daszak was part of the 13-man team from the World Health Organization (WHO) tasked to check the origin of Covid in Wuhan. That team exonerated Wuhan from any wrongdoing.

In contrast to these Covid shenanigans, one voice of reason stood out in 2020. It was of Dr. Li Meng Yan. She was the Hong Kong virologist who initially exposed the Wuhan Lab origin from September 2020 to March 2021, but was canceled by mainstream media and banned by Facebook and Twitter. She’s a hero who deserves a lot of credit for speaking up for the truth.

Check the reference links down below to verify the sources utilized in this article.

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Exposing Wuhan Lab and the Covid-19 cover-up
Exposing Wuhan Lab and the Covid-19 cover-up


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