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Gates health empire, Luciferase, and Patent WO-2020-060606
Gates health empire, Luciferase, and Patent WO-2020-060606
Gates health empire, Luciferase, and Patent WO-2020-060606
Gates health empire, Luciferase, and Patent WO-2020-060606
Gates health empire, Luciferase, and Patent WO-2020-060606
Gates health empire, Luciferase, and Patent WO-2020-060606

    Why Bill Gates, his foundation, and his intentions should be investigated by the US Senate - for manipulating the global health industry, and his pioneering of latest monitoring innovations related to population control and vaccine technologies.

    The co-founder of Microsoft is no longer just a computer magnate, he is now the world's biggest health mogul, through the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation - the largest global private charity. This foundation is the 2nd largest donor of WHO - World Health Organization (after the USA) and is also the biggest sponsor of major vaccine companies worldwide. Not only is he a pioneer for healthcare, but he is also a significant sponsor of mainstream media, thereby has potential control of health news narratives.

    Back in 2014, he funded a microchip patch technology that helps to remotely control childbearing in Africa. In 2020 (before the start of the CCP Virus - COVID-19 epidemic), Microsoft corporation applied a patent for an Implantable Quantum Dot Microneedle Vaccination Delivery System that needs the Luciferase enzyme to store data for monitoring, vaccine history, cryptocurrency, and other smart computing purposes (Internet of Things). The patent serial number is WO-2020-060606. This is an incoming technology. Bill and Melinda Gates's ultimate goal is to give quantum dot vaccination to every human being on the face of the earth. It also appears that Bill is prepping for another epidemic - "Prepare for the next pandemic like a war", Gates was quoted by Agence France Press.

    Bill Gates innovations that you should monitor!

    Implantable Quantum Dot Microneedle Vaccination Delivery
    Incoming patented technology that intends to monitor bodily functions such as body heat, pulse rate, brain waves in correlation to ads viewed, online interactions, cryptocurrency mining (e.g. BitCoin) and rewards system. It will remain in the host's body for up to 5 years. It will connect to the universal ID passport system and can be a tracking mechanism for financial data, electronic cash system, and online transactions. It will also be connected to a cloud network and can be read by a mobile app.

    Patent WO-2020-060606
    The vaccine patent applied for by Microsoft Technology licensing. Notice the play on words by Bill Gates. You can clearly see the last 6 digits in the patent serial. It was applied on March 3, 2020.

    ID 2020
    Gates has sponsored a technology for a global ID system (Certificate Mark) and sought to connect this with a global Identity Passport.

    MicroCHIPS inc.
    MicroCHIPS Biotech Inc. (funded by Gates in 2014) developed a system inside a microchip that regulate women's fertility. It can be remotely turned on/off. The chip lasts up to 16 years.

    LuciferaSe Enzyme
    The main ingredient to make the vaccine technology work. The luminous dye contain data that can be read by an app to check if you are already vaccinated. The Luciferase name came from the word "Lucifer" (the ancient devil) which means "Light-bringer"

    EarthNow Surveillance Satellites
    Gates funded a satellite company in 2017 for global surveillance (500 satellites) for live and unfiltered video streaming with services that will be provided to governments and large-scale enterprises.

    Gates Global Control

    Gates Foundation sponsors major mainstream media outlets and fact-checkers!
    Gates poured-in over $250 Million to BBC, NPR, NBC, Al Jazeera, ProPublica, National Journal, The Guardian, the New York Times, Univision, ABC, Fox News, Vox, Financial Times, and more. To dismiss dissidence, Mainstream media recently released massive disinformation to protect Bill Gates and his foundation. I recommend for you to research this yourself. Do not be deceived by paid media and biased fact-checkers! In our previous article, we also covered research that CCP China bankrolls the media, as well as one fact-checker employed by Facebook.

    Gates owns major vaccine companies
    Gates is a share-holder/owner of four vaccine companies (Pfizer, BioNTech, CureVac, and Vir) and he sponsored 16 major pharmaceutical companies in connection to vaccines. CureVac earned more than 40% for Gates just this 2020.

    Main point of this article
    Bill Gates should be investigated. People should be informed about his sponsored technologies. This guy has the power that if left unchecked gives him control of the media, the health sector, and the global populace itself. These times call for vigilance. Do your own research. Gates wants so much control, the question is why?

    This is not to say that vaccines are not safe. I'd recommend that you take them (ones available now do not employ quantum dot tech).

    This is also not a claim that the new technologies funded by Bill Gates now contain the "Mark of the Beast" (as noted in the Book of Revelations). Remember, the "mark" should be enforced by coercion/threat (against the citizenry's will) so that no one could buy or sell anything without the "mark". It is clear that the present iteration of vaccines is not enforced by threat or compulsion or as a banking/transaction requirement.

    What I believe is that these innovations (e.g. Vaccine+Implant+Cryptocurrency+Monitoring) started by Bill Gates preclude a future wherein a government or organization can take advantage of it, eventually leading to the possibility of them employing something sinister. I believe that Bill Gates and his health technologies should be scrutinized.

    This technology may be an introduction to a near future when a socialist/fascist government will enforce monitoring of allegiance and provision control by marking the populace.

    The question we should ask is why Bill Gates is hell-bent to impose these draconian innovations? What are his intentions aside from financial gain and global influence?

    You can verify our investigative research by clicking the article link included and by checking on the URL references. It includes MIT reviews, patent websites, and other mainstream media articles.
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